By Christina Ho and Trent Bradberry

The History of ESG

ESG are non-financial factors used to assess the sustainability and societal impact of an investment. It represents a fundamental shift from the 20th to the 21st century in how social responsibility is perceived to impact a company’s financial performance.


Have you ever built a predictive model only to discover that your best result was not good enough to deploy? The threshold for “good” usually depends on the situation. It could mean, “Will we make a profit if we deploy this model?” or “Are we likely to enjoy a more favorable outcome by implementing this model?” You likely employed one or more of the most popular algorithms such as decision trees, logistic regression, or even random forests only to discover that none of them met your performance requirement when evaluated on unseen…

  • The pragmatic aspect considers the constraints of a project, such as budget, existing tools, and minimum viable solutions.
  • The principled aspect focuses on fully understanding the problem and developing robust solutions that follow best practices.
  • The practiced aspect draws on expertise derived from repeated application of a canonical set of techniques to…

A 25-Year History of Innovation

Data Science and Machine Learning have been top topics in recent years in popular media and the private and public sectors, which Elder Research, as a pioneer in these fields, has welcomed. In the early years, it was rare to encounter people who fully appreciated the power of the technology. By focusing on delivering high-quality services and top value to our clients, rather than the latest technology itself, we built our firm’s reputation, as well as that of DS/AI/ML. Those who are new to Data Science may run into the hype and overinflated results that can…

Elder Research, Inc.

A leading consulting company in data science, machine learning, and AI. Transforming data and domain knowledge to deliver business value and analytics ROI.

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